Analysis Of Flowers For Algernon By Daniel Keyes

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Every second of everyday people go through surgeries which sometimes end up in unpredicted symptoms.”Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes is about a 37 year old man, named Charlie Gordon who has a mental disability. When taking a part of an operation/experiment to gradually escalate. Before Charlie had the IQ of 68 but with help of the surgery, he gains the capacity to see the world how it really is. Charlie was better off when he took the surgery because he now has the knowledge to see how people are when it comes to somebody who is different that they are. Also, he gains visual intelligence when finally seeing a image on a card. But after the surgery he becomes depressed because the surgery was not the dramatic break of a man becoming a genius with a surgery. He pushes everyone away he loved due to the operation being a failure. After the surgery Charlie realized that his friends were making fun of him. Which makes him question if his friends are really truly friends. Charlie dances with Ellen at a party that he was invited by Joe and Frank. While…show more content…
When Charlie was talking the raw shock test they went through the card slowly and noticed, “one looked like a pair of bats tugging at something. Another one looked like two men fencing with swords”(Keyes 13). This means while looking at the cards he finally saw an image instead a blob of ink on a paper. This shows that with the surgery he has gained knowledge he admittedly connected the dots to show him a image. At the begging of the story Charlie did the exact test and he can only see a “inkblot”. He could not connect the dots on the image. Later on in the story, Charlie can see more images again and again. This shows the surgery showed that that he has visual intelligence and he gained more of it. The surgery helped Charlie's visual intelligence performance. Now he developed more understanding on the world around him. (Did not
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