Analysis Of Daniel Rosenfeld's Essay 'The Health Of A Canadian'

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The Health of a Canadian
As Daniel Rosenfeld states; “Mister average Canadian was a lean, mean, hockey playing machine and was pretty fit and healthy.” But as the years have gone by “Mister average Canadian” has transformed into an overweight, smoking, diabetic with a nuance of health issues. As Rosenfeld writes a humorous piece on Canadian health issues that captivates a reader; his argument is ineffective in persuading an audience of his article. For Instance, Rosenfeld enhances his writing through humorous notions but he falls short in effectively persuading his audience with weak arguments and invalid information. To begin, Daniel adopts humorous notions to captivate his readers. Although his essay is ineffective, they way he captivates his readers can lead them to believe his statements are true. For instance, when the author details “The Canadians sleep easy (well, not quite, because of their obstructive sleep apnea)”, it may be humorous and
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Another flaw which causes the ineffectiveness of his article is his weak arguments. Although his arguments may be true, the depth he goes into to explain his thoughts are slim which causes suspicions to raise at the truth behind his arguments. For example, Rosenfeld writes about different health laws in California, the UK, and Australia and although his information is valid the brief description he provides is not a sufficient amount of evidence for readers to know if what he has stated is true or not. Along with his brief description, he has no sources to back up what he is stating. Upon research I conducted myself, I found that Rosenfeld was indeed truthful in his attempt to persuade his readers into believing his argument but again with how brief and weak his argument is, it causes his essay to become ineffective in persuading his
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