Analysis Of Dante's Inferno

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The statement that Dante’s Inferno is the most “immoral and impious book that was ever written” (Pearl) is incorrect because of Dante’s reasoning behind the creation of the Commedia. Dante’s goal is to save the souls of all who have gone “astray/ from the straight road” (I.1-2) and may find themselves in the Dark Wood of Error. Throughout the Inferno, Dante makes several references begging the reader to “understand/ [his] poem and profit from it” (XX.19-20). Dante realizes that his text brings together “striking odors, filth, excrement, blood, mutilated bodies, agonizing shrieks, [and] mythical monsters of punishment” (Pearl), but Dante must include these references in order for the reader to experience all, just as Dante does to save his.
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