Analysis Of Daughter Of Shame By Jasvinder Sanghera

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In the memoir, Daughter of shame through the different female characters, jasvinder Sanghera excavates how muslim women are suppressed by the culture, religion and patriarchy. This memoir presents almost a dozen stories told by women who have been drugged, beaten, imprisoned, raped and terrorized with the walls of the home they grew up in.
The women characters in ‘Daughters of shame’ are lively presented as submissive helpless, dependent agency less,inferior economically weak and sexually inactive. They are either housewives, daughter or caretaker of their family. The title of the novel it self suggest that a woman is the respect and the honour of their family. It suggests that the women are an object to be brought under the patriarchy. But the memoirs puts forward that women are restricted and confined within four wall and a ceiling of their home. The protagonists of the memoir have lost their identity in the title itself. But in the society women depend upon men for their identity i.e the social definition who they are. Womens identity is constructed by patriarchal society. Commenting on patriarchy Sheila Ruth writes:
TAB Patriarchy is probably the oldest form of exploitation of part of population by another. It probably has also served as the model for ace other forms of relegatioin, by they on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, of class, such as system is established, those in the high caste positions in this case males develop a vested interests in the maintains

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