Analysis Of David Guggenheim's Waiting For Superman

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Becky Brownell
WRIT 5: Section 21: Memoirs of Family
Prof. Ellen Rockmore
September 16, 2014

Ravitch Response Paper

David Guggenheim’s Waiting for “Superman”, a documentary highlighting the charter school system, caused a contentious debate about America’s schooling system. The film focuses on public school failure and highlights the benefits of the charter school system. Diane Ravitch, an educational policy analyst and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education, articulates her disapproval with the film in her piece, “The Myth of Charter Schools,” posted in The New York Review of Books. Ravitch spends much of her article discussing the documentary’s inconsistencies, faulty information, and general lack of fair analysis of the American public school system. In particular, she claims that the comparison between the charter and public school system in the film is unfair. Ravitch argues that Waiting for “Superman” is a misleading documentary that showcases incorrect statistics, hypocrisy, and promotion for what she believes to be the harmful privatization of schools. According to Ravitch, Guggenheim is extremely selective in terms of the statistics he chooses to portray in the film. Additionally, she believes that Guggenheim uses incorrect evidence and deliberately omits certain statistics in order to advance the film’s propaganda. Ravitch attacks several of Guggenheim’s “facts”, such as in the subject areas of poverty, the link between teachers and student achievement,

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