Analysis Of Dead Poets Society

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Dead poets society

In this essay, I discuss the film Dead poets society written by Tom Schulman in (1989). I am going to write a lot about the film, as this is what interests me the most, but also go over a couple of topics that revolve around the plot.

The film dead poets society is based in the 1950s America. The story follows the lives of a group of boys attending boarding school, but the film revolves mostly around Todd Anderson. He prefers a life in solitary, avoiding social relations and is terrified of failure. Shortly after arriving Todd is invited to a group of already existing friends. Consisting of his roommate Neil Perry and other hallway neighbours such as Knox Overstreet, Charlie Dalton, Richard Cameron, Gerald Pitts and Steven Meeks. I am going to write a lot about the plot of the film, as this is what interests me the most.

The film begins with the orientation gathering, where the stern Headmaster Nolan gives a speech about Welton Academy´s four pillars: Tradition, Honour, Discipline, and Excellence. For the rest of the day, Todd and Neil experience a variety of teaching methods taught by the mathematics teacher, as well as the Latin teacher and also the Trigonometry professor, all in ways that would resemble orthodox teaching. In strong contrast, the boys see a change in the teaching style of John Keating, their newly arrived English teacher. He takes all the boys out to the school 's hall of sports achievements. By showing these magnificent
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