Analysis Of Digging In By Robert J. Hastingss

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How did the Great Depression affect the people in America? Many people were poor and out of work because of this. It changed the way Americans lived. People were trying their best to make and save money. A lot of people lost their homes, other items, and their jobs. In Digging In by Robert J. Hastings, Hastings writes a lot of the effects of the depressions.

Most people in the depression tried to get any job they could handle. Hasting’s dad was very optimistic, like most people in the depression. They optimistic because they needed to get money to help themselves and their families. In the story his dad was willing to take any job. He tried to find any job he could. His dad did worked such as selling iron chords door to door, gardening, painting, guarded the fence at the fairgrounds, cut boys’ hair, and worked at the WPA. They were still able to keep up payments for certain things. In the poem Debts, by Karen Hesse, the author’s dad is also optimistic. He tries to grow crops but his wife doesn’t believe it would rain enough to grow the crops. Hesse’s dad gets mad because of what she said.
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This would save people money. Then they would substitute it for other items. In Digging In they used soda instead of toothpaste. They used the catalog for toilet paper. The items the people who lived through the Great Depression might have lived without were newspaper or magazine subscriptions, soft drinks, potato chips and snacks, paper clips, and many others. They wouldn’t have many bills. They would cut back on
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