Saks Fifth Avenue Ad Analysis

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Dior Cherie Saks Fifth Avenue Neiman Marcus Exclusively shown in the pages of top designer retailer stores, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus magazines, this bombshell models for Christian Dior’s eau de toilet line, Cherie. Where else to film for a french perfume then the city of love itself, Paris. On this enchanting evening in the heart of Paris, the sunset looms alongside the western horizon. Ribbons of soft lilac billow amidst a patch of cirrus clouds. A lean woman, with lingering legs, dangles from a bouquet of balloons. Her appropriately fitting, pastel-pink , floral embellished ballet flats point towards the ground, as if she has no intention of letting go or leaping down to safe grounds. This ad is profoundly effective because of its allure to viewers’ senses of femininity, elegance, and inner glamour.…show more content…
Stabilizing the chic bottle with her arm, she composes a perfect 90 degree angle. The abstract sizing of the perfume bottle balances out with the fullness of her skirt. Her glamourous dress can be described as a petite, strapless, empire waisted gown with ruched embellishments which emphasizes a full skirt. The vibrant magenta coloring on the dress draws attention away from the bottle. Alongside the bottle, a delicate ribbon billows in the wind, forming the word Dior. The contrast in sizing is crucial to the understanding of this print ad. The perfume bottle, ribbon, and balloon bouquet are all enlarged for dramatic affect. Ironically, the sizing of buildings takes an opposite approach while still maintaining the same goal ; dramatic affect. This unrealistic approach diverts all attention towards the product being advertised. In this print ad, the model’s legs are longer than the entirety of the Eiffel Tower. Another assumption to be made that she is not returning back to ground. All she needs for survival is her dress, shoes, and of course Dior
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