Analysis Of Disney Princess Effect By Stephanie Hahnes

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Analyzing Hanes’ Desire For the Protection of Girlhood
“Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect” by Stephanie Hanes, explores the controversial concept of the negative impact that the media has on children’s lives. Hanes begins her argument by soley analyzing how the Disney Princess franchise negatively influences little girl’s actions and the way they perceive themselves in today’s critical society. Hanes concludes that the princess phenomenon is linked to sexualization and self-objectification of young girls. With obvious intentions of the article’s title maintaining a consistent theme throughout, Hanes rarely refers to the disney princess effect. Instead, she includes numerous expert claims that focus on how everyday media disrupts girl’s childhoods. This can result in unsettled confusion for the reader of what the
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Whether she directly expresses emotion through anecdotes or in alarming statistics, the reader and author form a solidified bond on the basis of the need to protect young girls from disturbing influences. Hanes initially emerges into an anecdote, including a mother and her 3-year-old daughter. The mother links her daughters change in character with her obsession for disney princesses. Hanes includes how the mother felt as if her daughter was gradually being ripped away from her childhood by stating, “The toddler stopped running and jumping, and insisted on wearing only dresses. She sat on the front step quietly waiting...for her prince. She seemed less imaginative, less spunky, less interested in the world”. Even though Hanes wants everyone to relate to her argument on some level, she intended to especially connect with mothers who have young daughters. Due to the excessive nature of the media, children can gain accesses to realistically any information, including harmful or inappropriate, even if it is unwanted. This is the vital message that Hanes
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