Analysis Of Doe Season

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Prabhdeep Singh
ENG 102
Thomas Casey
Analysis of Doe Season by David Michael Kaplan
Doe season is a story about a nine year old girl Andy going hunting with her father, his father’s friend Charlie and his 11 year old son Mac. Although having a boyish nick name, her real name is Andrea. The narrator tells about her experience of seeing ocean for first time when they went to New Jersey Shore and that it frightened her, being huge and empty yet always moving. Her mother enjoying the ocean contrasts her experience and the ocean signifies adulthood and a child’s transition to a girl, which Andrea is afraid about.
During the trip, Andy felt ashamed and embarrassed by her mother when her swimsuit top came off and she stared at her mother’s breasts swaying freely. The ocean is referred to as hidden, unknown and gives hint of death. Andy sees ocean as huge but empty, meaning she sees womanhood as empty and meaningless. However, she is very interested in woods, thinking of it as immense and with depth. This portrays her seeing men’s word as exciting and fascinating
Andrea associates with the wintery woods as a safe place for herself, which resemble to the woods by her house. She finds comfort and assurance in these woods, explaining she is not ready to accept the changes coming in her life. The whole mood of the story is cold and wintery, the forest is frozen and chilly wind blows in the woods relating to the coldness in men’s nature, but Andy somehow feels comfortable in that.
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