Orientalism In Don Delillo's Falling Man

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One of important aspects of Orientalism is that the Orientalist often considers himself as an omniscient narrator that speaks who represents the Orientals. The so-called Oriental is considered incapable of self-representation as Karl Marx puts it: “They cannot represent themselves; they must be represented” (Hartley, 2003). The Orientalist can penetrate the heart and mind of his subjects and reveal his or her intentions, motivations, wills and thoughts.
Don DeLillo takes the same approach through his use of narrative mode; he speaks authoritatively and negatively about the Orient in essentialist terms. He seems to recognize Hammad and his friend’s impulses and motivations as Muslim terrorists; he is also able to place himself in the position
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In Falling Man the representation of Muslim male and female relationships are significant. The relationship between Lianne and Keith and Keith’s affair with Florence are portrayed in a parallel with Hammad’s relationship with women. The woman that Hammad has sexual affairs with is Syrian, German and a little Turkish. Her identity and personality has no significance. Unlike the other female characters whose feelings and thoughts are represented the only impression that readers get from her is that her whole presence is sexual and for the sexual gratifications of…show more content…
Like his other Oriental counterparts, Omar believed that: “a woman should serve a man, not to try to own him, he’d say, as if he were quoting Holy Writ” (ibid). On the other hand, Levy, though has a sexual affair with Teresa she: “knows he will never leave her [his wife]: his Jewish sense of responsibility and sentimental loyalty, which must be Jewish too” (ibid). Teresa’s main source of attraction toward Ahmad’s father is typically Orientalist when she explains the reason for her marriage: “love mostly with him being, as you know, exotic, third-world, put-upon, and my marrying him showing how liberal and liberate I was”

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