Analysis Of Doubt By John Patrick Shanley

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Doubt essay paper Innocence and and guilty are not always black and white. Doubt by John Patrick Shanley, is a story about a scandal that a priest may have molested a child. That priest is Father Flynn, but he is innocent due to proof as well as his good character that goes against this heinous act. Father Flynn is an innocent man who is being attacked by a nun named Sister Aloysius who is hellbent to remove him from the school. But she has no physical evidence of him doing anything wrong and she admits it when Mrs. Muller asks if she has evidence “ No evidence? No” (Shanley 42). She is clearly making accusations out of speculation which is just like the witch hunts that came before. Along with this since there is no evidence to condemn Father Flynn, He is not being given a fair way to defend himself since Sister Aloysius. You cannot defend yourself from rumors or invisible crimes. There is however, proof that proves Father Flynn is innocent. When Sister Aloysius charges father Flynn with giving a boy, Donald Muller, alter wine. He confesses that Donald drank the wine, “Donald Muller served as alter boy last Tuesday. Mr. Mcguinn caught him in sacristy drinking alter wine……...I told him that if no one else found out, i would let him stay on” (Shanley 33). This proves that Father Flynn did not give the wine to Donald but instead, Donald drank the wine himself. Along with this It gives a witness, Mr. Mcguinn, who will testify for Father Flynn 's innocence. Father Flynn 's
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