Analysis Of Dream Horses By Pablo Neruda

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The culture setting in Pablo Neruda’s works, that he has shown many culture backgrounds in his most of his poems as he was inspired more about the things that was going around him and also the people he met of different places with different culture. One of the Pablo Neruda’s poem “Dream Horses” in which he has included some culture background, as while writing this poem he was traveling to places like Java and Singapore. This is where he gets so shocked when he see these places because he as he mention’s in this poem that these type of places are too exotic for a person like him who has grown up in the rainy south of Chile. As he overwhelmed every think he sees in these places as an aggregate culture shock. In “A Soldier Sleeps Analysis” a poem of Neruda in he included the juxtaposition of the natural world against the European culture that were only committed to capture various lands of that time. As he refers to “Great Plumed God” in this poem as by showing this he wants to relate the religious culture of the islanders but more it’s more likely he meant the jungle culture of that time. As he refers Great Plumed God to a giant palm tree of that time to which I think people of that time use to worship that tree as they though it has some kind of supernatural power and this is what their culture was at that time. Where they related this to a soldier where he also stands and protects the people of his country from the enemies. Other work of Pablo which is a story “Education

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