Analysis Of Dreamers By Siegfried Sassoon

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Muaaz Dembinski
English 9G
The poem that is going to be discussed today is ‘Dreamers’, by Siegfried Sassoon. The poem is about how unfortunate the lives of soldiers are and the consequences they must face for being who they are. In this mini commentary, there are three main devices that will be discussed. Two examples of each device will be highlighted. The three devices are figurative, sound, and structural devices. The two poetic figurative devices are irony and imagery. The two poetic sound devices are consonance and alliteration. The two poetic structural devices are rhyme and how the second half of the poem is structured (the structure itself will be detailed). The theme of the poem is that the soldiers’ fates are not chosen. The poetic devices listed support the theme of the poem by further elaborating and adding poetic flavors to the experiences of the soldiers during times of war.
In this paragraph(s), figurative devices will be discussed as to how they support the main theme of the poem. The first figurative device is irony. “Drawing no dividend from time 's tomorrows” (line 2). Irony is a word or object that means the exact opposite of what it appears literally say or mean. An example of an ironic word grouping would be a very heavy feather. A feather is supposed one of the lightest common objects in the world, however, in this context, it is saying that it is very heavy. This would make the phrase, or word grouping, ironic. The reason the
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