Analysis Of Dreams By Langston Hughes

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This poem was written by Langston Hughes (1902-1967). He was born in Joplin, Missouri, USA. He was the great-great son of Charles Henry Langston (brother of John Mercer Langston, the first Black American to be elected to public office). Hughes attended Central High School in Cleveland, Ohio, and began writing poetry in the eighth grades. He wrote novels, short stories, plays, and poetry, and he is also known for his engagement with the world of jazz. Hughes had played important role in shaping the artistic contribution of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s. Because at that time, most Black American poets were turning inward, writing obscure and esoteric poetry. While Hughes was turning outward by using simple language and theme, attitudes and ideas familiar, so there are many people interested to his poets. Until his death, he wrote eleven plays and countless works of prose. However, to achieve his dream was uneasy, his father discouraged him pursued writing as a career. Through his poetic works, he told to people about the ways of his people that reflected their suffering and laughter, one of them is Dreams.
In Dreams can be found that the author uses musical devices, repetition and rhyme, to create artistic effect and figurative language, such as hyperbole, similes, metaphors, and personification to create a theme that can show the importance of having dreams as well as the meaning because the dreams also will hold on tightly in the people’s heart as long as they keep
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