Case Study Of Drink-O-Pop

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if the purpose is the foundation of the company with its employees, then the trust of the consumers will follow. Consumer consciousness has shifted from what product is being offered and how it will benefit the consumer to how the product was made and how it affects consumers as whole, this means that consumers are aware that the choices they make about brands will the affect the choices of other consumers. Brands with an authentic approach to brand purpose, can expect to increase their brands to be the most valuable ones. An authentic brand will be ineffective if it's not communicated to the outside world accordingly, the purpose being a brand has to manifest itself internally, and form part of the culture of the organisation, so that the…show more content…
This can also be done by taking time and listening to the people that make up the business, all the stakeholders that have an impact on the brand. Consistency should play a major role in making the brand authentic, giving mixed messages to consumers confuse the, and given them a sense of mistrust for the brand. The brand should act the same way online and offline, across all channels. It is important to tailor an approach to a specific platform with a specific message and style that remains the same so consumers know the brand top of mind, and ensuring the brand us converting themselves as a assures, trustworthy, most importantly authentic brand. Thereafter with that consistency of the brand messages, the brand should be able to back up what they say, because today the world is filled with savvy consumers, that will see right through the brand and go straight online to let everyone know. Authenticity does not exist without being transparent, so brands should have evidence of information, stay true to their values and not post misleading information

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