Analysis Of Eat Mor Chikin By Chick Fil A

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In the “Eat Mor Chikin” ad released by Chick Fil A viewers see a humorous trio of cows protesting against the consumption of beef-based products. The three cows are somewhat imitating humans by standing on two legs while holding very large signs on their bodies similar to protestors for organizations such as PETA (people for ethical treatment of animals). On each sign you can clearly see that the cows are attempting to spell “Eat More Chicken,” however each word is either misspelled or very badly written due to the fact that cows don’t have hands or a very high IQ. This image depicts each cow with a very stern look on their faces which clearly shows that they are each fed up with the consumption of cows and would rather let the chickens suffer. ‘ …show more content…

Most notably is the appeal of pathos. If you’re driving by and see this advertisement for the first time on the billboard you most likely at least have a small chuckle. Once you begin to laugh at this you actually find it amusing and your brain will automatically begin to think of good things from eating at Chick Fil A. This ad also successfully uses the appeal of ethos. Within the ad itself, it quite literally says to eat more chicken. With this, it somehow manages to be obvious and also subtle about telling people to eat more of their food. This would encourage both those who have and haven’t eaten at Chick Fil A before to come and eat the food. These techniques are both aimed at the sub-consciousness of the consumer and are brilliantly used in such a simple

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