Analysis Of Edward Prendick In The Island Of Dr. Moreau

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Edward Prendick is the main character and protagonist in the novel “The Island of Dr. Moreau”. At the beginning of the book, he has an established life as a biologist in London. This life is filled with trials, but Prendick is set apart from much of society because of his firm moral code. One day, while out on a boat with two seamen, a large ship unwittingly crashes into their small seacraft. Naturally, there is severe damage and the remains of the boat are scattered out into the middle of the ocean. With no way to make repairs, the three men are left stranded with few resources. After a few days in this situation, The other two men get desperate, fighting each other to the death for the right to eat each other. Throughout the struggle, Prendick refuses to give in to his primal desire for food, staying as far as he can from the fight. In this instance, Prendick shows just how strong a moral code he has. Even in situations where he has seemingly no chance of survival, he does not compromise. Throughout the rest of the book, the main character is placed through tests to see how he changes over time. H.G. Wells tests the true extent of Prendick’s moral uprightness, consequently exploring the shifts that may happen to the human psyche under certain conditions and the basic animalistic nature of humanity. Stranded in the middle of the ocean, Prendick is left in a situation where he probably will die. However, as he is about to give up on life, he spots a boat in the distance.
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