Analysis Of Edward Said's 'States'

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Edward Said 's memoir, "States", is an interesting take on a man who cannot remember his life in Palestine, a man who has no roots connected to his home country other than the fact that he is Palestinian and how his perspective is based on bias. Contrary, Jane Tompkins ' essay, "Indians", reviews how perspectives can contradict the opinions of others, using her own experiences as examples. Though the two essays concentrate on different topics, they have similarities in their essays. Said focuses on the past with what he knows of Palestine, while Tompkins talks about how she is bombarded by the different perspectives by other researchers, that makes forming her own perspective harder than it was as a child. To begin, Said 's essay has quite an interesting quote that pertains to how he believes the past has been neglected. "Bride and groom wear the ill fitted nuptials of Europe, yet behind and around them are the clothes and objects of their native lands." (page 572) It is an interesting quote because it follows how most of Palestine has followed into the modern "European society" - such as: wanting to wear the white gown and tux that are shown in media. Not only does it feel as if Said 's trying to convey how modern society has ruined the values of tradition and culture, but simultaneously, it 's as if he 's angry at modern society for changing Palestine into another westernized country. On the other hand, Tompkins writes about the idea of perspectives and how they
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