Analysis Of Eleanor Roosevelt's The Adoption Of The Declaration Of Human Rights

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Eleanor Roosevelt with her informal speech, the Adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights (1948), explains her opinion on the importance of the declaration and how we need to treat freedom has a right not a privilege. Eleanor supports her speech by using euphemism, apostrophe, and anadiplosis. Eleanor's purpose for the speech is to address the united nations that human rights is an important matter in the nation. She addresses this speech to the united nations, blacks, whites, and world war two victims for which the document was intended for. Eleanor was born October 11, 1884 has Anna Eleanor Roosevelt in New York, New York. She had a unhappy childhood with both of her parents dying and one of her brothers. Eleanor eventually moved to the U.S and married her fifth cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She was the person to keep Franklin in politics even though he was struck with a paralyzing illness, she played a significant role as the first lady. Eleanor was controversial first lady because of outspokenness, particularly on racial issues. She was the first presidential spouse to hold regular press conferences, write a daily newspaper column, write a monthly magazine column, host weekly radio show, and speak at a national party convention(wikipedia). September 28, 1948, Eleanor gave a speech on the struggle for human rights in Paris, France. This speech was only a couple days before the adoption of the declaration of human rights. In the her first speech, she introduces what she thinks is the greatest…show more content…
The way she uses her tone, and her words will be remembered for along time. She is inspirational, passionate, caring, and she cares for people's well being. They could be white, black, asian, or hispanic and she would want equal rights for everyone. Freedom is a right not a privilege, use freedom
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