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Project Scenario
Elegant Attire is my own women’s clothing boutique that is located in Karachi, Pakistan. It is a medium sized organization with limited employees. From the past few years the boutique is not earning well and its profit margins are declining. The reason is ____________


This report is about Elegant Attire, which is my own boutique and all the inputs and client handlings are done by me in this boutique. Elegant Attire was established in 2010 by me and my partner who is no more the part of the business. In the start of the business we were earning slowly as we were producing at a low scale, after 2 years we started earning profit that was mark able. We have 40 employees in our boutique, who work in different departments
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It is not just about the ownership it is also about how I treat my employees. The employees are paid on the basis of their work. The profits in the initial days were really above satisfaction. As the days go by, the business seemed to be declining and the sales and clients reduced, this fact was affecting the profit margins of the boutique. The problem is unidentifiable but the analysis of the problem with different alternatives is still on the go. The clothing business is not that easy to handle because there are so many unidentified factors that are affecting the profits. The way of thinking is also playing a great role in this business. Thinking strategically is the only way to implement all the tactics to produce quality of the product and attracting more…show more content…
The employees are there but due to the flexible environment of the studios they are unwilling to work in a proper way. They took it as a part time thing which leads towards lack of interest and poor quality of recording. I have experienced that when I record any song for the client the quality is much better but when my employee records something for the client the quality is poor. Here we can take it as the level of interest that is to be dedicated while recording impacts the quality of the results. All these problems are continuously declining our sales and also affecting our contacts and rapport. Moreover, the biggest problem here is that in Pakistan the scope of music and song recording is dying and it is declining faster than any other decline. There are so many problems now a days in getting a record label because the trend has been changed and people are not buying CDs. The online free music is decreasing the trend of cassettes and CD buying. The customer behavior is also changed and the newly shaped behavior is hard to identify because people listens to music very interestingly, but they are less willing to pay for that music and then listen. There was a time when the music production was on t’s peak and the music studios were enjoying huge profits. But now the traditional aspect of CDs and Cassettes has been replaced by the online music stores. And the songs are now

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