Analysis Of Elizabeth Cady Stanton: A Radical For Woman's Rights

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton Book Critique “Since progress was inevitable and since a dive spark nestled within each human consciousness, nothing more was necessary to correct apparent social disorders than to remove the outmoded obstacles inherited from the past.”(Banner ix) The book Elizabeth Cady Stanton: A Radical for Woman’s Rights, written by Lois W. Banner, the author was focusing on the impact Cady Stanton made on the movement for women’s suffrage, as well as the intimate influence she received from her family while growing up. This book could also be seen as a biography, but besides jus focusing on her life, Banner focused on Cady Stanton’s achievement, and how history began to change. Cady Stanton played a very important role on women’s rights and suffrage movement. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a very well-known female character, as well as the first feminist because her main concerns were typical…show more content…
This book also had positive and negative points. For example, a positive point is how women were trying to become independent, as well as gain their individual rights. “In a lengthy series of resolutions, Cady Stanton and the others called for an end to all discrimination based on sex. Cady Stanton’s appropriation of the Declaration of Independence was a brilliant propagandistic stroke.” (Banner 40-41) In the attempt of gaining their rights, Cady Stanton and other women gathered the strength to speak demand their suffrage. “She proposed that the Declaration of Sentiments demand suffrage for women. All other resolutions passed unanimously. But only a bare majority voted for suffrage.” (Banner 42) However, there were some negative points. For example, in Cady Stanton’s childhood, gender expectations were very flagrant.” Margaret Livingston Cady carefully trained her daughters in the genteel domestic arts appropriate to future wives of the gentry.” (Banner
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