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FEMINIST ANLAYISIS OF THE POEM I’M WIFE; I’VE FINISHED THAT In this poem, “I’m wife, I’ve finished that”, Emily Dickinson offers a feminist critique on the institution of marriage that is governed by the rules shaped in relation with patriarchy. In the poem Dickinson wanted us to realize the fact that leaving a girlhood, becoming a woman and then a wife will prevent female from having self identity because, once she is a ‘Wife’ she is almost labeled as the possession of her husband. The poem basically was written in order to react to the limitations that are put on women in a male dominant society. As a result of these limitations rises gender based issues. In the text, Emily Dickinson is in full support of woman’s freedom and below the…show more content…
She uses the metaphor of “eclipse” for marriage. The adjective “soft” with metaphor seems to support marriage tie, but an eclipse itself indicates darkness and reclusion. Dickinson wanted to highlight the insignificance of woman as a result of marriage contract but in a patriarchal society their mindset is that they become superior and significant only by getting married and look down upon the girls just the way the people of heaven give inferior look to the people of earth. This inferior perspective from wife to girl is very ironic because women are in false conscience that they are only acceptable and can enjoy their life when they get married otherwise as a girl they have to face many problems in a society. The poetess is making a feminist point that this concept is wrong and she is of the view that the institution of marriage reduces a woman to a mere object that has to follow blindly the wishes of her husband. If a woman wants to have her freedom the only way is to remain
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