Equiano In Black Robe

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The appearance of the Atlantic world, especially to the eyes of Equiano, was one that could be described as interesting. We are introduced to a young colored man who has been forced into a new country due to the acts of slavery and is in fear of his life, while in the movie Black Robe, we are introduced to how a Jesuit priest comes to a new land in order to convert the natives of that country. In this essay, readers will be introduced to how a colored person sees a world differently unlike one who comes from such a country such as Europe.
On page 91, Equiano starts off by explaining his conditions in his new master 's quarters and how he is shown the graphic details of being a slave, by seeing a woman, who is his own skin color, muzzled
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One interesting, yet saddening, fact we learn is how his name changed from the proud name his family had given him, to one that was from the Bible: "In this place, I was called Jacob; but on board the African snow I was called Michael." (Page 93)
From this chapter itself, we learn that the appearance of the Atlantic World to a colored outsider is something to be feared. Not only were they forced into slavery, but also the conditions that they had to survive in were atrocious. Equiano doesn 't discuss the journey to the Atlantic World as an adventure, but more as a fearful reminder that nothing would ever be the same as it was once being.
On the other hand, we are given the example of Black Robe. A Caucasian Jesuit priest comes to a new land and introduces himself to the natives. Of course, we automatically know that his mission is to tell the Natives that their gods and religion is complete and utter rubbish, and that they must follow the Catholic church. To speed things up, some of the Natives are captured (by a different Native American tribe), brutally tortured, and then killed. What makes this movie so interesting is how the priest is then made to look as the savior who baptizes the rest of the Huron
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