Analysis Of Erikson's Permissive Parenting

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Parents have a big impact on how you develop as an individual because they spend majority of their time with you and they can give you a perspective on how you view the world when you start becoming aware of your surroundings. Parents are in control of your life until you begin developing an identity for yourself and once you have developed an identity; your parents teach you morals and guide you to the right paths and quip you with knowledge in order to help you survive in the world. The older you get, you get to discover your parents parenting styles, where you come from and what makes you who you are. The assignment will discuss Erikson’s developmental stages, basic parenting styles and family origin and its impact on an individual.
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The advantage of permissive parenting is that the children are freely able to express themselves with their parents and they are outgoing, the disadvantage of that is children take advantage of the power they have with their parents and they end up not respecting them, another disadvantage is that they won’t excel in school because they will be too lazy to study or to do work. An example of permissive parenting is when a three year old, let’s say his name is Mark, is playing with his friend Jack, Mark decides to grab Jack’s toy and hits Jack a permissive parent like Mark’s mom, will not do anything about it but rather just ignore the situation and that shows that Mark is not being taught right from wrong (Schnell,…show more content…
Stewie’s goals in life are to kill his mother Lois and take over the world with his physics and mechanical engineering mindset, he does not have a strong bond with his father and the siblings and Lois. His best friends are his talking dog Brian and his teddy bear Rupert (‘family guy’, 1999).
The Griffin children each have developmental issues due to the way in which their parents treat them, Meg is being neglected and it has affected the first few stages of her development because she does not trust her family due to the fact that they make fun of her, she has no interpersonal relationships at school and at home and this has resulted in her not being able to having a concept of self and not being able to form relationships, her parents have displayed and uninvolved parenting style as they do not pay attention to her and are always shutting her out.
Chris seems to be suffering from mental retardation because his mom was drinking and smoking whilst he was still in the womb and this has resulted in Chris not trusting his mother, he is lacking in self-confidence due to his weight, he is not able to form relationships at school and he is unpopular, his parents display an authoritative parenting style towards him because they show him some warmth and Peter spends some time with
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