Analysis Of Ernest Hemingway's In Another Country

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In the book “In another Country” the author Ernest Hemingway teaches us about the emotional and physical tolls that the war does to a man. We learn how much of a horrible long-term effect the war has on them forever. This book explains the emotions, death, and horrible effects that this has been with all man 's life. He also tells us about the damaging effects that the war has on the lives of the Italians and even of the Americans.

We never really realize how much affect the war has on these men even long after the war is over and they try to have normal lives. A man life is never the same no matter how hard they try to forget, it’s always in the back of their head playing over and over. As much as they try to live a normal life after the its never that easy and it isn’t as normal as everyone believes it’s truly is, they feel lost to everything around them, their families, the hobbies they once enjoyed to do aren’t nowhere as simply to go back to doing. In the story Hemingway ' explains the injuries due to fighting on the battlefield inflects them to a point where they will never be the same again. Some have lost their legs, arms, and all different body parts from explosions some almost their face and most almost their whole life. These devastating injuries due to the war changed these soldiers ' lives forever. Before the war, they all had a normal life, in the book the boy with the injured leg loved playing football but, due to their injuries their hobbies are ripped

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