Analysis Of Ernst Hans Josef Gombrich's A Little History Of The World

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Ernst Hans Josef Gombrich, the author of the book, A Little History of the World, wrote the book with a reason. He didn’t create the book because the idea just popped into his mind; he had a purpose to write this book. It was because he loved history and his passion towards the subject made this book interesting. However, how reliable is his book? E. H. Gombrich (1909-2001) was borned in Vienna, Austria. Gombrich attended the University of Vienna (1928-1933), where his major was the art history. Later in 1936, Gombrich arrived in London, England, where he became the research assistant in Warburg Institute. This proves his reliability of the information he has put in the book, as he attended a well known university in Vienna and was a research assistant in England. Ernst Gombrich’s works wouldn’t be popular right away, if Gombrich himself was not popular. A Little History of the World was one of the earliest works, Gombrich became to be known of. After this book became popular, selling over 500,000 books which is impressive for a university press. After this book, Gombrich has sold the most popular book he has ever made in 1950, The Story of Art, which was translated into 34 languages and was accepted by the universities as a textbook. There were over 6 million copies sold in 2011. This shows how Gombrich’s books are acknowledged and recommended by millions of people to be read. Therefore, A Little History of the World is coming from a reliable source, as most of the

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