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This book was Pam Muñoz Ryan 's 13th book ever published out of 40. In the book, Esperanza Rising, it describes how there are many ups and downs during your life but to never be afraid to start over.The author of this book, Pam Muñoz Ryan, tells the main character 's story in the best way possible.Pam Muñoz Ryan wrote this book so it would have an impact on everyone who read it. There are so many life lessons in this book that are very important for people of all ages to know. One of the many themes in this book is simply having hope. Sure, it sounds like it shouldn’t be a theme but it is because of all the hope Esperanza had when she saw others not giving up.While reading this book, Ryan shows that it 's very difficult to be an adult or adolescent and to cope through all events of …show more content…

"Esperanza Rising" has inspired many people to look at the bright side of things and have hope.All throughout the life of Pam Muñoz Ryan she has written amazing story 's with so many lessons or themes in each and every one of them. These story 's may seem like they are for children, and only children but don’t be fooled, most adults and teens learn a lot from many of these books. "Esperanza Rising" is a key example because the theme is so fitting to all people."Esperanza Rising" was written to impact the lives of people of all ages. Pam Muñoz Ryan wrote the book this exact way for one reason. She wanted it to impact everyone and everyone 's decisions. Hope is one of the strongest themes in this book because with everything Esperanza had going on if she would 've lost hope, she would 've lost herself and Ryan explains this very well to hope to make an even bigger impact on readers. Most people have been in many situations, I know I have, where you only need or want one thing and nothing else can fix it or help you.Sometimes events in your life can be difficult and frustrating but once someone of something helps you, you feel so much better. I think this book is such a moving story

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