Analysis Of Estranged Labour By Karl Marx

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After reading all three readings, I come to realize that these two phrases are true now about politics, as they were 2000 years ago in Roma , “Laws are made to protect the rich” and like Karl Marx’s paper Estranged Labour, “Law protects the property of those in power”. All three reading are mostly about political and how upper class societies make rules to only protect them. Also, why some people like the low class are not in power. When reading Karl Marx’s paper Estranged Labour and also my Education and Society talks about him. Marx says talk about how law(s) is a tool used by the people in power (property owners) to maintain power and control over the weaker class (propertyless workers). The readings shine light that a person is either empowered, or they are subservience. Some kings and commoners try to gain control of what they did have. …show more content…

Also, reading all these reading, comparing politics, freedom, how kings should rule. Should the power and the Senate be run by real commoners? All the readings got me thinking about the Patriot Act and what it stands for. Should the people the bend to the government’s wishes. Should we give up our freedom for safety and security, and not live in fear, or should keep our freewill and rebel from this politic actions. In chapter Chapter XVII, of The Prince, Machiavelli says, “Here a question arises: whether it is better to be loved than feared, or the reverse.” Which I talk about in my earlier post, do we fear or love others in power. I think the film V for Vendetta, is a good film tying these reads

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