Analysis Of Eveline And Hill Like White Elephants

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Story Grammar for Eveline and Hill Like White Elephants
The analysis tool I choose for these stories is “Story Grammar”. Story Grammar helps me in two ways. First, it clearly represents the big pictures of the stories in which Eveline and Jig shares similarity in facing with dilemma. In this case, it is an inevitable time for Eveline and Jig to make decision on their own. Second, story grammar helps assembles the significant elements in the story and help explain what influences their decision. For instance, letter reminds Eveline how much her father would miss her if she left Dubliner, while the scenery at another side of the train reminds Jig that her child would be the permanent light of her future in contrast to the temporary love the American would give her. These are the crucial moments when their perception changes and these events determine their decision later in the story.

Theme Development
In the story, time plays an important role in shaping Eveline and Jig’s perception from the beginning to the end of the story. In the beginning of the story, we can see that Jig is the person who first pinpoints the problem about the child as “White Elephant” to the American: “They look like white elephants,” she said. Furthermore, Jig does not seem to care much about her pregnancy as she asks the American to order the alcoholic drink for her: “Could we try it”. However, as time passes by to the climax moment when Jig seems to see a new dimension of permanent future
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