Everything That Rises Must Converge Analysis

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In Everything that Rises Must Converge, author Flannery O’Connor tells the story of a young man named Julian’s relationship with his racially prejudiced mother. Through the use of vivid imagery, O’Connor manifests the fact that Julian is resentful, not only of his mother’s bigotry and judgement, but also of the economic and social situation in which he lives. This bitter tension between mother and son is depicted by O’Connor through the use analogy. The story culminates when Julian’s imperceptive mother develops an adoration for a young black boy traveling on the same bus as her and Julian. While Julian’s mother fears and abhors African American adults, she does not hold a vicious prejudice in regards to their seemingly-innocent children. O’Connor employs foreshadowing when upon departing from the bus, Julian’s mother disregards her son’s…show more content…
As Julian expected, the boy’s mother grows irate and strikes Julian’s mother in rage. Following this, Julian turns on his distressed mother, ridiculing her actions and justifying those of the young boy’s mother. Eventually, Julian’s mother - who had previous health complications - succumbs to her injuries, thrusting Julian into grief, guilt, and utter hopelessness. O’Connor’s use of rhetorical devices illustrates the conflicting and evolving attitude with which Julian views his mother. O’Connor’s use of imagery captures the disdain with which Julian views his life circumstances, the infatuation Julian has with seeing his mother agitated and remorseful, and the contrasting culpability he feels when his mother reaches her twisted and untimely fate. As Julian and his mother leave their dwelling for the
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