Analysis Of Ezra Pound's An Immorality

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Ezra Pound - An Immorality In An Immorality, Ezra Pound speaks of the vices that the narrator would rather spend his time and life on. The brief poem names love and time with his lover to be the only thing worth having and worth living for (1-6). He denounces the high ideals espoused by other men as the meaning of life asserting that personal happiness in itself is already self-fulfillment (7-8). However, the title indicates the presence of a different persona, a first narrator who condemns these views by labeling them as immoral Jack Merrywell noted how the poem could be referring to Pound’s own stand regarding the events leading to World War I. The poet is criticizing war and how it deprives the young men of the freedom they defend. In this critique, Pound acts as the second narrator, the one speaking in the poem. Troy Camplin takes a different view by declaring Pound to be the first narrator who labels the second as immoral. In this second critique, Pound is expressing anti-liberalism views by denouncing men who enjoy the pleasures of freedom. Personally, I found the poem to be interesting because it…show more content…
In the beginning of the poem, he addresses the fairest star, acknowledging its right to be obscured at times because this adds to their beauty. He reflects that affecting a mysterious air increases the elegance of those who are proud (6). He challenges the star to teach him, questioning their scientific composition and quality (9-15). The star, of course, fails to respond and Frost is left to conclude that the noblest lesson to be gained from the star is to be like it – steadfast and staid regardless of what events transpire around it (27-28). He also refers to a similar poem by John Keats when he refers to Keat’s Eremite, which is a sonnet of that name comparing Keat’s lover to a steadfast star (Fagan 63). This reference serves to strengthen his stand that star’s are worthy and

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