Analysis Of FDR Vs. Hitler By Frank Freidel

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In the article FDR vs. Hitler by Frank Freidel, it is expressed that Franklin Roosevelt was concerned about the rise of Nazi Germany under Hitler’s rule. He considered Hitler a very dangerous person and he didn’t like him or agree with his actions at all. FDR was hesitant about the situation with Germany because of disastrous impacts World War One had. Roosevelt chose not to speak to the public about his concerns with Hitler because he hoped it would make it easier for refugees of Nazi Germany to escape to the US. FDR viewed Hitler as, “a madman and his counsellors… even madder than he is”. Franklin Roosevelt believed that the actions of Hitler were violent and very aggressive which was something that FDR despised about him. Despite his inevitable intervention with Germany,…show more content…
As time passed by, it became increasingly evident that the only way to put a stop to Nazi Germany was by involving the US military and fighting World War II to defeat Hitler. In response to Hitler’s rise of power, FDR first tried to get Hitler to agree to disarmament. The first week Hitler became chancellor, he was telling army officials that he wanted complete political control over Germany and from there expand east. Roosevelt was concerned how to achieve world leadership to keep international peace while remaining an isolationist. FDR sent letters to every head of state worldwide in of May 1933 to get them to endorse disarmament. Roosevelt thought he had actually avoided war when Hitler responded by agreeing to let the US grant peace. FDR had spent the 1930’s gradually transitioning the United States into collective security. Appeasement was lost soon after the Munich Agreement. In response, Roosevelt decided to mass produce weapons for the United States and for nations who could potentially be victims of Nazi Germany. The Good Neighbor Program, previously used in Latin America was redesigned to be used for hemispheric defense. Roosevelt revised the Good
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