Analysis Of Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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Every day the story is the same; people live fast, running blind with their life a blurb in the background. Society makes us hectic. People put blinders on and only see what lies straight ahead, what screams for attention. Ray Bradbury emphasizes this problem in his novel. Taking place in a future society, Fahrenheit 451 makes a point of expanding upon the speed at which people live and proving it to be absurd. Inhabitants of this dystopia are happy to be unhappy. They push their emotions down with false families and overbearing electronics. Imagination is shunned, and burning books is a cultural norm. There is no time to think for oneself. Bradbury criticizes society’s obsession with constant outward attention, an issue that is becoming increasingly relevant today. Bradbury reflects upon problems in…show more content…
Now, people live faster and with more distractions. Technology is a bigger influence today than ever before. People carry the world in their pockets; a couple taps of a screen and the possibilities are endless. While this seems lovely, it takes a toll on the human psyche. The constant attention towards electronics prevents inward reflection. Life takes on a fast pace and leaves people in the dust. Whether faced with four wall televisions or omnipresent smartphones, the outcome is the same. It is apparent in everyday life; people who are unable to put down their cell phone have difficulty focusing, making relationships, and completing various tasks. Even today, Fahrenheit 451 is very relevant. Bradbury not only recognizes, but denounces society’s need for fast-paced, constant entertainment. This was true then and now. Whether one is surrounded by four “parlor” walls or constantly reaching for a smartphone, the outcome is the same. Neck-breaking speeds only serve to wear people down and tear them apart. Fahrenheit 451 will always be relevant so long as people would rather interact with phones than with
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