Analysis Of Fall And Rise Of Theothus Carter

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In the prison system most of the prisoners are labeled as either “hopeless” or bad”. The implication here is that “useless” implies that the prisoner is good for nothing and doesn’t have a good heart. The “bad” implies that they are purposely acting out and should rot in prison for lifetime. People never want to contribute to the fact that many prisoners are trapped in prisons went through a tough hardship in life yet, they have real talents that can surprise the nation. This essay of Fall and Rise of Theothus Carter will discuss about two articles that mainly talks to us about the prison life of prisoners and what they are missing from everyday life. Justin Wolfers article “1.5 million black men missing from everyday life” discusses about how many blacks are trapped inside prison and what their captivity has affected the nation. In addition, Eugene Robinson’s article “Disintegration” will discuss about the disintegration that many people has caused amongst the blacks and what the society sees them as. The hardships throughout in life of a prisoner that we will be talking about is Theothus Carter from Nick Paumgarten’s article “A Prison film made in Prison” who’s greatest gift/talent is acting and may have a chance to improve his life and change the perspective of people’s thinking towards prisoners. In Nick Paumgarten’s article “A Prison film made in prison”, story of Theothus Carter starts as a downfall for him. Carter is first shown as an irresponsible person who
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