Analysis Of Fallen Scarlet Ibis: A Symbol Of Doodle

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There are many ways that the “Fallen Scarlet Ibis” can be a symbol of Doodle. Doodle is very unique in many ways just like the Scarlet Ibis. Doodle was born with a tiny body and very delicate, just like the skinny red bird the Scarlet Ibis. Another way that the ibis can represent doodle is that they are both very fragile and weak. Doodle is described as having thin weak legs as the ibes is also described as being weak and having thin weak legs. Doodle was very weak and always shivered like an old man, just like the Ibis who are very weak and also shiver. Another way that the Scarlet Ibis can be a symbol of Doodle is that both Doodle and the ibis are described as coming from an unfamiliar, exotic place which means that they both cannot survive
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