Market Analysis Of Quick Food

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“Quick Food” may be a new chain of fast food restaurant set on major route .The new fast food outlet can function as Malaysia new fast food chain. Fast food business in Malaysia is think about extremely competitive and dominate by several massive alimentation outlet like Macdonald, Burger King, Carl Junior etc. .The main objectives for the research is to specialize in profit, profit that has selling price, cost and sales volume, when a price is high, then the margin of profit is additionally high. Price takes into consideration of value of advertising and promotion .In the other hand lower costs increase the margin of profit, cost for promotion and advertising cost to be manageable .The sales volume objective is to increase and maintain sales…show more content…
Target audience action is a action in regards to brand includes any amendment in the vendee behavior apprehend the client behavior, client behavior is what folks interact in once choosing, purchasing, using, taking away product and services thus on satisfy their desires and wishes. The last one is profit whereby increase in sales result in increase in profit

A market research is being conducted for “Quick Food” to assist in characteristic the matter that exist associated with the selling by scrutiny alternative alimentation outlet or the other issue that have an effect on the selling .It outline downside the matter which exactly so the particular problem is known, data is collected to promote properly and appearance for brand spanking new market. The advantage of research is to search out ways from previous markets with additional profitable, from learning from the advantages and disadvantages of the previous market strategy, “Quick Food” will follow the footstep of the prevailing previous fast-food market and improve from it .It conjointly enable to
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Brand management may be a communication perform that has analysis and coming up with on however that brand is positioned within the market, that target public the brand is targeted and maintaining a desired name of the brand. Developing an honest relationship with target market is important for brand management’s and brand positioning are required. Brand positioning refers to “target consumer’s” reason to shop for your brand in preference to alternative. Brand positioning may be outlined as associate degree activity of making a brand supply in such a way that it occupies a distinctive place and worth within the target customer’s mind. “Quick Food “the brand itself are position as a quick food edifice virtually as same as Burger King with a target market starting from kids, staff or those who need food while not wasting their time since it set on a serious route, once people move to work that point “Quick Food “will be their choice. For brand identity, that is that the outward expression of a brand together with its name, trademark, communications, and visual look. As a result of the brand owner assembles the identity, it reflects however the owner desires the patron to understand the brand. “Quick Food brand identity visual look are orange in color as this color is spirited and it conjointly represent active that suit “Quick Food

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