Analysis Of Fat Chance By Dorothy Nixon

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In “Fat Chance,” freelance writer Dorothy Nixon contemplates parental responsibility and our sedentary modern lifestyle by providing information on how childhood obesity is starting to become a big problem in North America. According to Nixon, kids are not devouring their food more; they are just lacking any physical activity. The childhood obesity epidemic is caused by children eating badly, not exercising, and by watching TV or playing video games. When Nixon claims that children lack self-esteem, they become overweight adults and will eventually develop health problems such as diabetes. Studies show that parents are responsible for their kids becoming obese. The reason why parents fail to make their children more active is because they cannot force…show more content…
Moreover, kids in sports need certain equipment that can be very costly. Also, society has created a lifestyle that is more sedentary now than in the past. In conclusion, parents should ask for more gym classes at school and subsidized sports. Parents should also give children more free play time and should be active because their children look up to them as role models.
In “Fat Chance,” Dorothy Nixon uses factual and conceivable information that exposes how lethargic some parents are in helping their children become more active. She shows the indolent habits of children and how this problem can be solved. Throughout her article, Nixon shows how inactivity and self-esteem issues can be a problem which exacerbates the condition of obesity. For example, Nixon describes what will happen in the future if kids lack confidence, “Overweight kids become overweight adults,
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