Analysis Of Father Flynn's Unofficial Trial In Doubt

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Father Flynn’s Unofficial Trial in Doubt Truth and fallacy walk along a very thin line and if one falls off they may get entranced or confused on which is which. The play Doubt: A Parable by John Patrick Shanley, takes place at a St. Nicholas Church School in the Bronx in 1964. Father Flynn is a pastor at this school who delivers some of the most intricate sermons in the area. Sister Aloysius and Sister James are nuns who are in charge of running the classes at the school. Sister Aloysius begins to grow intrigued by Father Flynn when Sister James discloses information about how one of her boys, Donald Muller, seemed to act strangely when coming back from the rectory with Father Flynn. This leads Sister Aloysius to try and get to the bottom…show more content…
This is shown in the effort he makes to create a personal relationship with the boys. While Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn were discussing adding additional activities to the church, Father Flynn suggested, “Maybe take the boys on a camping trip. We should be friendlier” (Shanley 30). The reader can infer that this may seem suspicious for Father Flynn to offer to take the boys out into the middle of the woods without any witnesses. In addition to this, Father Flynn later brought up the idea of getting ice cream, which may have been used to offset the skeptical camping trip idea he had brought up earlier. Although the school is more than likely an all-boys school, this does not change the fact that Father Flynn’s idea seemed to pose a threat to the children. Furthermore, Father Flynn tries to interact with the boys at the school individually as much as he can. Sister James was talking to Sister Aloysius about the way Donald Muller acted when he came back from the rectory with Father Flynn. Sister James said to Sister Aloysius, “No. It was his expression. He looked frightened and… he put his head on the desk in the most peculiar way. And one other thing. I think there was alcohol on his breath. There was alcohol on his breath” (Shanley 22). The reader can infer from this that Father Flynn may have got him drunk so that he could molest him. It seems rather unusual how Father Flynn and…show more content…
Pondering that Sister Aloysius’ deep hatred and resentment of Father Flynn is the only reason for these accusations often is used to back this claim up. While discussing their respected beliefs, Sister James exclaims to Sister Aloysius, “You just don’t like him! You don’t like it that he likes ballpoint pen. You don’t like it that he takes three lumps of sugar in his tea. You don’t like it that he likes Frosty the Snowman. And you’re letting that convince you of something terrible, just terrible” (Shanely 35). One can see how Sister Aloysius’ overall hatred towards Father Flynn may have clouded her judgment on the matter. The reader can assume that Sister Aloysius may be the person at the school who has always tried to exploit others and find a reason for them to get fired. However, it can be argued that Father Flynn is guilty. Even though Sister Aloysius may seem deranged and her accusations may seem preposterous, when she is talking with Father Flynn towards the end of the play she convinces Father Flynn to reveal that, “Whatever I have done, I have left it in the healing hands of my confessor. As have you! We are the same” (Shanely 54). One can see how Father Flynn may be hinting at the fact that he did commit the crime that he is being accused of. To add on to this, previously in the play, Father Flynn gave a sermon on how he had doubts about himself. This may have been foreshadowing the accusations that he would
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