Analysis Of Fatherland

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Fatherland Analysis

In the world we live in today, there are many governing forces that surround and help us thrive. Now imagine if some of those agencies did unspeakable and immoral things and kept those actions hidden from us. Our government would not only be filled with corrupt people, but if these scandals got out, everyone would panic. The novel Fatherland By Robert Harris explores a world through the eyes of the main character Xavier March. March lives and works under a government that was willing to commit and cover up a genocide. The author shows the reader, through Xavier March, how we as people can affect our surroundings to change for the better and that if we do not follow our moral judgment corruption will prevail.
March is
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He started off with the mindset that this was just a case. Once the Gestapo took over the case he continues pursuing it with his own moral compass. He searches Buhler’s home and finds the envelope that was addressed to Stuckart/Luther. He is made aware of the fact that Stuckart is deceased and Luther is missing. Later on he meets and joins forces with an American journalist Charlie Maguire. Together they continue the investigation into the disappearance of the Luther and are ultimately led to the discovery of the information about a meeting. This meeting was set to decide an answer to the question of what to do with the jews. There were 14 officials invited to this meeting and of the 14 Buhler, Stackart and 11 others are dead.
At this point March shows significant character development as he now has another personal connection to the character Charlie. In the beginning of our story March is a loner with only a son (that perceives him as a criminal) to care for. Except for the love to his son March is emotionally numb and lost. As an author, Harris shows how a man (March) who lives a boring simple life can transcend his everyday and do something meaningful. This is shown when march leads the gestapo on a chase and sacrifices himself so that Charlie can escape and stop America from making a
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