Analysis Of Fatherless America By David Blankenhorn

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Fatherless America was written by David Blankenhorn. The state of the nation with families without fathers is surely becoming the norm. This article goes into detail about the research Mr. Blakenhorn, conducted to come to the conclusion that people who were born in the 1970’s are now have grown up to have households without fathers. As a result of fatherless homes, children are not helping the current society. The article also discusses the imagine of what fatherhood should be and how it has changed over the years. In the past having only a mother in the household was uncommon. Now this is basically the norm.
There were traits that were found in most of the single mother households. Most of those homes were teen pregnancy, child abuse, adolescent
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There is no male role model to show a son how to treat a woman or be a father. There is no male role model to show a daughter how she should be treated by a man. Because of the abscense, the children are left to learn by trial and error.
The author wants us to understand this is a bigger problem than we all think. He believes soon people will not be divided by race, religion, class, gender or education, but by fatherless homes and homes with fathers. He feels it’s the number of fatherless homes is rapidly growing and if we do not do something as a society, there is no hope for our future generations.
Society wants the world to believe the father doesn’t have a great role in children’s upbrining. A The father should be the head of his household. Blankenhorn also states we are losing more than just a father but the concept of what a father is and means.
His research states being a father is not as easy as being a mother. Basically, a man can make a baby however, raising a child is not as easy. The mother carries out the responsibility of being a parent better than a man. There are charateristics that a good father should hold, this is something that is not easy to teach because there is no one to use as a
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