Analysis Of Feminism In Thelma And Louise

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Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service company based in Menlo Park, CaliforniaSample 1 - investigative essay Malmö Komvux Pauliskolan Female Liberation in a Male-dominated Society: An Analysis of Feminism in Thelma & Louise Name: E-mail: Tutor/Teacher/s: Subject/s: Date: In the wake of the MeToo-movement, in a time when moviegoers around the world are becoming more and more aware of which films pass or do not pass the Bechdel test, we should not forget the films and the women that paved the way. Many years before Big Little Lies, there were women on the screen whose stories were so powerful they kept glued to our seats in agonizing excitement: hoping, hoping that they would make it! Against all odds and against the full force of whatever antagonist opposed them, even when that full force happened to be policemen by the hundreds. Written by Callie Khouri and directed by Ridley Scott, Thelma & Louise opened up in theatres in 1991, and whatever its intended message, it went on to spark more than a little controversy. Two friends, Louise (Susan Sarandon) and Thelma (Geena Davis), are to spend a weekend in a cabin, but when Thelma becomes the victim of an attempted rape and Louise shoots the perpetrator they embark on a road trip that takes them deep into a relentlessly patriarchal society. They even find themselves doing things normally associated with male characters in this particular genre, for example armed

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