Analysis Of Feminist Manifesto By Mina Loy

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Pratikshya Thapa
Prof. Alex Kurian
English 2328-73001
March 29, 2017
Mina Loy
Mina Loy, a European origin poet who was famous for her modernistic poetry in the history of American literature has expressed her opinion towards sexual freedom in her writing “Feminist Manifesto”. This piece of creation deals with her direct calls to the women in the society to change their thinking process as well as the behavior. As Loy writes about the sexual freedom, she portrays her disagreement against the parasitism and prostitution. She wants women to be independent, believe in themselves and have the self-determination to live a better life. It seems that she doesn’t like the perception of the society towards women when it comes to equality and freedom,
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She advises women not to be too obsessed about a man or his love but think out of that and work for self-improvement. Even though, Loy is not against love, marriage and family, she wants women to not make these things her entire world and realize the fact that it’s just one aspect of her life. She is trying to reach out to the women and enlighten them that defining themselves wholly in terms of just their family is not the purpose of life. Likewise, she should not let the tragedies ruin her life but she needs to learn from them and move on for a brighter…show more content…
In my opinion, Loy is attempting to be the voice of all women who want to embrace their privileges of womanhood but at the same time want to live a respectful life leading a successful career. Likewise, she is also willing to change the thinking perspective of the stereotypical society where women are only looked down upon and are exploited in various ways. Correspondingly, Loy discusses about the society that talks about the gender equality and feminism but lacks a genuine intention to provide actual social freedom to the women. She recommends women to refuse such illogical efforts of the society and start working on their own with strong
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