Analysis Of Fifteen Years After

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It is only after two years after her friend’s death she feels the sorrow. In a way it is a clue to the fact that it is until we don’t see or feel the death of someone closer to us we don’t really know what death is. We become more personal and concerned when we come across such deaths. Further “Bitter Fruit” is not directly related to death but it basically deals with the bitter truth about the loss of trust. The loss of trust makes Jennings feel like death. Once one looses trust it cannot be regained. “ Fifteen Years After” is a recollection and repentance about the death of Jennings’ mother. It reflects how Jennings is disturbed by her past relation with her mother and feels guilty about her behavior with her mother too. Now there is no option left except repentance, recollection and shedding tears. Her nostalgia makes her more sensitive. At present she is mature, experienced and can understand the lessons of life and even can teach her mother but she is no more to listen. The truth which one should learn early in life is realized only after the loss of the person. Finally in the poem “More than an Elegy” is about the fond remembrance of her mother. She feels the presence of her mother in the elements of nature .The only point of contact with her mother is prayer. She is not able to forget the love of her mother. She is an energy giver to Jennings and her memory and her love is like the presence and singing of a blackbird in the air.
Theme of Relationship: Alienation,
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