Analysis Of Finny And Gene's Friendship In A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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Finny and Gene’s Friendship Friendship is very important in this story. Friendship is very important for a person’s well-being. In this book titled A Separate Peace by John Knowles the reader learns a lot about friendship in this book. Gene and Finny are the main characters in this story, they teach you a lot about their friendship. Finny and Gene’s friendship can be described by their rivalry and loyalty, betrayal and guilt, and confession and forgiveness. The first stage of Finny and Gene’s friendship is loyalty and rivalry. Gene usually does what Finny wants to do. If Finny wants to jump out of a tree, Gene will jump out of a tree. If Finny wants to go to a beach, Gene goes to the beach. Finny is very good at talking around people and getting out of trouble. He does not ever get into much trouble. Their rivalry started when Gene thought that Finny was trying to sabotage his grades and his studies. Finny used to ask Gene to go and do other things instead of studying. Gene normally did what Finny asked. Gene decided that Finny was trying to hurt him when they story states, “Suddenly he turned his fire against me, he betrayed several of his other friends,” and he was doing things on his own (102). The second stage of Finny and Gene’s friendship is betrayal and guilt. Gene felt betrayed when he…show more content…
Gene finally fully confessed when Finny was in the hospital after falling down the steps. Gene told Finny he tried to tell him a couple times before when the story states “ Finny, I tried to tell you before, I tried to tell you when I came to Boston -” (145). Finny already knew Gene did it but he was not ready to hear it completely yet. Finny forgave Gene after he said he believed that it was a blind impulse. He knows that sometimes people just do things that they do not realize what they are doing. Finny told Gene that he believed that he did not really mean to make Finny
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