Analysis Of Firoozeh Dumas The F Word

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“The F Word” Analysis Immigrant author from Iran, after growing up and raising children in America and struggling with how Americans react to her foreign name, Firoozeh Dumas, in her memoir, “The F Word,” narrates how her childhood and professional experiences were effected. Firoozeh Dumas uses a friendly tone, pathos, and literary devices to portray the experiences of her childhood and maturation as an immigrant in her narrative essay. She includes an account of her school and childhood experiences when others outcast her due to her foreign name, mentions of her life while using a more American name, and how she is treated in her adulthood after going back to being called Firoozeh. She uses unique styles of writing to help the reader understand and relate to her life, while informing them of the hardships that many newcomers to America encounter.…show more content…
Her word choice is often informal or conversational, which makes the reader feel as if they are being told a story by a friend. For example, she says, “My father, incidentally, had wanted to name me Sara. I do wish he had won that argument” (739). She uses casual words and short sentences to make the passage simple and easy to understand. She also is blunt and to the point, without the descriptive or page filling details that are not necessary to her memoir. She also portrays her tone as she writes, “I didn’t mention that I had been Julie for only half an hour” (740). This helps to show what went through the authors mind during that scenario without adding needless details or commentary. The friendly tone of the passage helps the reader feel emotionally tied to the author, which could also be described as a use of
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