Analysis Of First Compressions In Jane Austen's Emma

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First impressions are made when people encounter each other (or things) for the first time. They set the tone for the relationship that will follow. It only takes a few seconds for someone to develop an impression. Once an impression has been made, it can be very difficult to change. Whether it is the first impression made during a job interview, while greeting a customer at work, or the first time seeing a new doctor, a person’s first encounter will usually be remembered. The same concept is applied to writing. If the first chapter of a book is dry and boring, the reader may decide not to continue with the book. For this reason, writers often introduce key concepts in the first chapter of their work to draw the reader in and get them excited to continue reading. Some concepts used may include: introducing the main characters, setting the tone, describing the setting in which the book takes place, and sometimes even foreshadowing a conflict to come. In Jane Austen’s novel, “Emma”, she describes a twenty-one year old girl who enjoys involving herself in the relationships of other people (361-367). The story takes place in the wealthy family’s home. The main character, whose name is Emma, suffered the loss of her mother at a young age. Her father hired a woman, Miss Taylor, to be the family’s governess. She lived with the family for 16 years, so when she left to have a life of her own, it came as a tough adjustment for both Emma and her father, Mr. Woodhouse. Austen used the
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