Fligsteins: The Architecture Market

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According to Google, the definition of “stability” is to be stable, and to be stable is to be firmly fixed as well as sane and sensible. In chapter 9 of Fligsteins “The Architecture Markets”, he makes a claim that the main element in market relations is “stability”. He says, “A stable “market as field” means that the main players in a given market are able to reproduce their firms” (17). This quote can be taken in two different ways. It can either be taken as in order to have more of a successful and stable business, there must be someone in charge, or the word “main players” means that instead of someone in charge, the key is the employees rather than the employer. Fligstein introduces two terms knowns as, incumbent and challenger. Incumbent…show more content…
Fligstein explains the four threats to a firm's stability. The first threat is a supplier. THey can control a lot of aspects like “inputs, raise prices, and make firms who require their inputs unprofitable” (17). The second, competitors, engage in price competition. For example Coke and Pepsi, they are both really popular companies and have a wide range of consumers. They both have similar products and prices, and are still somewhat different. The third threat is managers and workers, when “intrapersonal and politics can jeopardize the ability to produce goods and services as well” (17). The last is, products can become obsolete or outdated. Relating to the technology aspect, when releasing new products, businesses can potentially become outdated. For example when releasing new products, Apple must make sure they keep consumers…show more content…
I agree with his statement to an extent, because although it may seem like we have a major part, there are still higher officials that have a final decision. There are so many current and ongoing issues we are facing because certain people who hold a higher status do not agree with what majority of citizens want/need. For example the the russian trolling

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