Analysis Of Florence Kelley's Speech

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Essay Culture is an organized system of learned behavior and thought pattern. With that being said, Americans have learned to take personal responsibility, dignity of work, the value of education, the merit of service, devotion to a purpose greater than themselves, and the importance of family. Americans as a whole, have a deeply embedded belief that all people are created equally. They are fueled to fight for what they believe in. Also, Americans can be seen as ignorant. The American culture makes them distinctive from any other. The culture of Americans is shown endlessly throughout history. In Florence Kelley’s speech that she delivered at the National American Woman Suffrage Association was powerful. She fights child labor laws and how…show more content…
Because of the poor pay wages workers received, families were forced to send their children. These children were forced to work in unsafe factory conditions. Kelley emphasizes that “... several thousand little girls will be working in textile mills… in the deafening noise of the spinales and the looms spinning and weaving.” She established herself as an equal. Equal in the sense of a person as well as an American. In an effort, to imply that they are all the same. She also used the fact that “ the mothers and the teachers”, weren’t able to vote (Kelley). This was to show the connection with her audience. To persuade the audience that they must fight as a whole to end the injustice. Kelly declares that “ we should none of us be able to free our consciences from participation in this great evil. No one in this room tonight can feel free from such…show more content…
She describes how Americans hunted flamingos, before the popularity of the flamingo in a slightly critical tone. Which was exemplified by the use of italics in the sentence, “ First it was a flamingo.” Furthermore, Price compares the plastic flamingos to a “ like a semiotic sprouts”, insinuating that the popularity of the flamingos is annoying and unsightly(28-29 Price). She uses careful sentences and rhetorical strategies to convey her point. Price uses verbs associated with flamingos, like “ splashed” and “flocking”, to create images of birds and nature. But, then uses words like “wealth”. “Pizzazz”, “middle class”, and “trianline.” this shift represents the hastiness of Americans and their thoughts of wealth ( Price). This is to convey the idea that Americans show a level of ignorance. CONCLUSION In conclusion, there are many great traits that the American culture has. The idea that they stand as brother and sister, hand in hand. Fighting for the greater good, fighting for what they deserves. But, also the idea that Americans can be oblivious to the seriousness of the hypocrisy of certain situations. There is no culture, like that of the American
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