Analysis Of Flowers For Algernon

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People should always take a risk to improve themselves especially if there is nothing to lose. “Flowers for Algernon” is a unique short story about ethics and self-improvement written by Daniel Keyes. The main character, Charles Gordon has a low IQ, but goes through some surgery to have his IQ increase three times. Readers experience his mental change through his many progress reports and can read about how his intelligence rapidly spikes at an alarming rate. After his IQ level reached the peak, it decreased as quickly as it increased. Charlie’s grammar, use of punctuation, and vocabulary was drastically different in the beginning, middle and end of the short story. Many people to this day still wonder if Charlie made the right ethical decision to go through the surgery. There is no apparent answer to this thought, but it seems obvious in the story that Charlie did not regret going through the experimental surgery so it was not the wrong decision to use Charlie to test the experiment. Even though some may argue that it was immoral to artificially increase someone’s IQ especially if it did not work, Charlie was indeed at least a little bit more intelligent than he was before the surgery which does mean that he is now better off than before and also means that having the surgery was not a bad decision.
Charlie was actually happy to have the surgery even though it did not completely work out at the end. Charlie was glad he got to contribute to the science of the human brain
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